All Things You Need to Know about Scotland’s Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire

Situated in the northeast of Scotland, this area is affectionately alluded to as ‘the oil capital of Europe’. Assuming that city life becomes a lot for you, it’s likewise home to the staggering Cairngorms Public Park.

Here is a city that looks and feels very changed.

Not simply on a mid-years night, when you can walk the central avenue in the sunshine at 11 pm. Not on the grounds that that equivalent central avenue – the mile-long Association Road – is fixed with exemplary rock structures that assist with making this “quite possibly of the most structurally particular city in Europe” (The Scotsman – one of Scotland’s public papers).

In any case, chiefly in light of the fact that this isn’t simply a city by the ocean, it’s a city of the ocean. A city where boats moor straight facing the downtown area roads. Where metropolitan dolphins jump at the harbor mouth. Where local people paddle-board and surf off the city’s ocean side. Also, brilliant sands stretch for a significant distance – towards tremendous rises toward the north and high bluffs toward the south. It’s a city of streams as well, where the Dee and the Wear meet the ocean, bringing completely clear waters from the Cairngorm mountains.

This is a city with not one but two Old Towns: Old Aberdeen, with its cobbled roads, mature trees and the fifteenth-century braced house of prayer – where Aberdeen’s most memorable College was established in 1495. And afterward, there’s Footdee – referred to locally as Fittie – an idiosyncratic fishing quarter at the water’s edge, with squares of small houses, blossom-filled gardens and brilliantly painted latrines, their capricious enrichments drawing on the city’s nautical soul.

FIVE Intriguing Realities

  1. Aberdeen is situated on the north east bank of Scotland, 120 miles north of Edinburgh
  2. Aberdeen is nicknamed the Stone City and is home to Marischal School, the world’s second biggest rock building
  3. Space expert and Aberdeen-conceived Sir David Gill (1843-1914) is credited with taking the very first photo of the Moon
  4. The Aberdeen region has the biggest number of whisky refineries of any whisky-delivering region in Scotland
  5. Craigievar Palace in Aberdeenshire is accepted to be the model for Walt Disney’s fantasy palaces


There are 248 schools fanned out right across the district of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, meaning inhabitants don’t have to look far for additional and advanced education choices. As far as universities, the North East School has a few grounds across Aberdeen City offering a tremendous assortment of courses. The Scottish Horticultural School likewise has a grounds in Aberdeenshire, offering many farming based courses.

There are two colleges in Aberdeen, the old College of Aberdeen (established in 1495), and Robert Gordon College, a cutting edge college alluded to as RGU. Up until 1858, there were however many colleges in Aberdeen as the entire of Britain. The College of Aberdeen has been positioned as one of the 200 top colleges on the planet by the Times Higher Instructive Enhancement and RGU sent off the UK’s most memorable degree course in Man-made brainpower and Advanced mechanics.

Local Industries

Aberdeen is the oil capital of Europe and has a huge convergence of work in the oil and gas area. The quantity of positions made by the energy business in and around Aberdeen has been assessed at a portion of 1,000,000 – this remembers occupations for Scotland’s reality driving sustainable power area.

In the event that energy isn’t your pack, other significant ventures in Aberdeen incorporate everything from life sciences, where Aberdeen is home to world-driving examination foundations, to food and drink, with the north east contributing 20% of Scotland’s food and drink industry result and offering a lot of chances to work with our unimaginable whisky and fish. As well as this, computerized innovation is likewise a gigantic industry all through the locale, and the Aberdeen city region is known for being a focal point of advancement, with universally eminent researchand improvement all through.


Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is all around associated by street, rail, air and ocean. Aberdeen Global Air terminal offers flights and associations with more than 45 objections. With just an hour flying chance to London or Amsterdam and Paris just one more hour longer, Aberdeen is worldwide associated. The city has amazing rail and street connects to the significant urban communities in the UK and ship administrations are accessible to both Orkney and the Shetland Islands. In the event that you like to drive, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness are just over two hours away via vehicle.

The Outside

Cairngorms Public Park in Aberdeenshire has five of the UK’s six most elevated mountains. The recreation area is two times the size of the Lake Region and highlights enormous backwoods, cascades and bountiful untamed life. There is a lot of green space in the city as well – Aberdeen flaunts 45 stops and gardens and is one of a handful of the UK urban communities to have an ocean side. Aberdeenshire is additionally home to the world’s just palace trail, so you can go through your ends of the week investigating notable locales like the staggering Dunnottar Palace.

Search For Latest Postal/Zip Codes in Scotland’s Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire

All regions in Aberdeen City Postal Code
Aberdeen AB10, AB11, AB12, AB15, AB16, AB21, AB24, AB25
Aberdeen Airport AB21
Altens AB12
Altens Industrial Estate AB12
Bankhead AB21
Bieldside AB15
Bridge of Dee AB12
Bridge of Don AB22, AB23
Bridge of Don Industrial Estate AB23
Bucksburn AB21
Cove AB12
Cove Bay AB12
Craibstone AB21
Craigiebuckler AB15
Cults AB15
Danestone AB22
Dyce AB21
East Tullos Industrial Estate AB12
Gateway Business Park AB12
Grandholm AB22
Hazlehead AB15
Kingswells AB15
Kirkhill Industrial Estate AB21
Milltimber AB13
Newtondee Village AB15
Nigg AB12
Old Aberdeen AB24
Persley AB22
Peterculter AB14
Pitfodels AB15
Pitmedden Industrial Estate AB21
Prime Four Business Park AB15
Stoneywood AB21
Torry AB11
Upper Anguston AB14
Wellheads Industrial Estate AB21
West Tullos Industrial Estate AB12
Woodside AB24
All regions in Aberdeenshire Postal Code
Aberchirder AB54
Aboyne AB34
Alford AB33
Alvah AB45
Arbuthnott AB30
Ardallie AB42
Ardoe AB12
Arnhall Business Park AB32
Arthrath AB41
Auchattie AB31
Auchenblae AB30
Auchleuchries AB41
Auchleven AB52
Auchmacoy AB41
Auchnagatt AB41
Auchterless AB53
Avochie AB54
Badentoy Industrial Estate AB12
Bainshole AB54
Ballater AB35
Ballogie AB34
Balmacassie Commercial Park AB41
Balmedie AB23
Balmoral AB35
Banchory AB31
Banchory Devenick AB12
Bandley AB33
Banff AB45
Barthol Chapel AB51
Battlehill AB54
Belhelvie AB23
Benholm DD10
Birkhall AB35
Birse AB34
Blackburn AB21
Blackdog AB23
Blackhall AB31
Blackhall Industrial Estate AB51
Blackhills AB42
Blackhouse Industrial Estate AB42
Blairdaff AB51
Blairs AB12
Boddam AB42
Bonnykelly AB43
Boyndie AB45
Boyndlie AB43
Braemar AB35
Bridge of Alford AB33
Bridge of Canny AB31
Bridge of Gairn AB35
Bridge of Marnoch AB54
Bridge of Muchalls AB39
Brucklay AB42
Buchanhaven AB42
Burnhaven AB42
Burnhervie AB51
Cairnbulg AB43
Cairness AB43
Cairnie AB54
Cambus O’May AB35
Cammachmore AB39
Carnousie AB53
Castle Fraser AB51
Castlepark Industrial Estate AB41
Catterline AB39
Chapel of Garioch AB51
Chapelton AB39
Clatt AB54
Clola AB42
Cluny AB51
Cluny Castle AB51
Cobairdy AB54
Collieston AB41
Colpy AB52
Colpy Road Industrial Estate AB51
Corgarff AB36
Cornhill AB45
Corse AB54
Coull AB34
Cowie AB39
Cowie Park AB39
Craigievar AB33
Craigston AB53
Crathes AB31
Crathie AB35
Crimond AB43
Cruden Bay AB42
Crudie AB53
Cullerlie AB32
Culsalmond AB52
Cuminestown AB53
Cuminestown Industrial Estate AB53
Cushnie AB33
Daviot AB51
Delgaty AB53
Dess AB34
Dinnet AB34
Drumblade AB54
Drumlithie AB39
Drumoak AB31
Drumwhindle AB41
Dumpston AB42
Duncanstone AB52
Dunecht AB32
Dunlugas AB53
Durno AB51
Durris AB31
Echt AB32
Ellon AB41
Elrick AB32
Esslemont AB41
Fetterangus AB42
Fettercairn AB30
Fetteresso AB39
Fetternear AB51
Findon AB12
Fintray AB21
Finzean AB31
Fisherford AB51
Fisherie AB53
Forbes AB33
Fordoun AB30
Fordyce AB45
ForglenAB45, AB53
Forgue AB54
Fortrie AB53
Foveran AB41
Fraserburgh AB43
Fyvie AB53
Gamrie AB45
Gardenstown AB45
Garmond AB53
Gartly AB54
Gellyhill AB45
Gight AB41
Glass AB54
Glassel AB31
Glenbervie AB39
Glenbuchat AB36
Glendaveny AB42
Glenkindie AB33
Glenmuick AB35
Glens of Foudland AB54
Glen Tanar AB34
Gordonstown AB51
Gourdon DD10
Greens AB53
Harlaw Road Industrial Estate AB51
Hatton AB42
Hatton of Fintray AB21
High Green AB45
Huntly AB54
Inchmarlo AB31
Inglismaldie AB30
Insch AB52
Inverallochy AB43
Inverbervie DD10
Inverboyndie AB45
Inverkeithny AB54
Inverugie AB42
Inverurie AB51
Inverurie Business Park AB51
Johnshaven DD10
Keig AB33
Keith Hall AB51
Kemnay AB51
Kennethmont AB54
Kildrummy AB33
Kincardine O’Neil AB34
Kinellar AB21
King Edward AB45
Kingseat AB21
Kinharrachie AB41
Kininmonth AB42
Kinmuck AB51
Kinneff DD10
Kinnermit AB53
Kinnoir AB54
Kintore AB51
Kirkton of Bourtie AB51
Kirkton of Durris AB31
Kirkton of Logie Buchan AB41
Kirkton of Rayne AB51
Kirkton of Skene AB32
Kirkton of Tough AB33
Ladysbridge AB45
Laurencekirk AB30
Leslie AB52
Lessendrum AB54
Logie Coldstone AB34
Logierieve AB41
Longhaven AB42
Longhill AB54
Longmanhill AB45
Longside AB42
Lonmay AB43
Lumphanan AB31
Lumsden AB54
Luthermuir AB30
Lyne of Skene AB32
Macduff AB44
Marnoch AB54
Maryculter AB12
Marykirk AB30
Maud AB42
Meikle Wartle AB51
Memsie AB43
Methlick AB41
Midmar AB51
Midmill Business Park AB51
Millbrex AB53
Mintlaw AB42
Mintlaw Station AB42
Montgarrie AB33
Monymusk AB51
Mossat AB33
Mountblairy AB45
Muchalls AB39
Muir of Fowlis AB33
Nether Kinmundy AB42
Netherley AB39
New Aberdour AB43
Newburgh AB41
New Byth AB53
New Deer AB53
New Leeds AB42
Newmachar AB21
New Pitsligo AB43
Newtonhill AB39
Old Deer AB42
Oldmeldrum AB51
Old Rayne AB52
Ordhead AB51
Ordie AB34
Oyne AB52
Park AB31
Pennan AB43
Peterhead AB42
Pitcaple AB51
Pitmedden AB41
Pitullie AB43
Port Elphinstone AB51
Portlethen AB12
Portsoy AB45
Potarch AB31
Potterton AB23
Premnay AB52
Raemoir AB31
Rathen AB43
Rattray AB42
Rayne AB52
Rhynie AB54
Rickarton AB39
Rora AB42
Rosehearty AB43
Rothienorman AB51
Ruthven AB54
Saint Combs AB43
Saint Cyrus DD10
Saint Fergus AB42
Saint Katherines AB51
Sandend AB45
Sandhaven AB43
Sauchen AB51
Skelmuir AB42
Skene AB32
Stonehaven AB39
Strachan AB31
Strathdon AB36
Strichen AB43
Stuartfield AB42
Tarland AB34
Tarves AB41
Tillyfourie AB51
Tillymorgan AB52
Tipperty AB41
Torphins AB31
Tough AB33
Tullynessle AB33
Turriff AB53
Tyrie AB43
Udny AB41
Udny Green AB41
Udny Station AB41
Wardhouse AB52
West Cairnbeg AB30
Westhill AB32
Westhill Industrial Estate AB32
Whitecairns AB23
Whiteford AB51
Whitehills AB45
Whitehouse AB33
Whiterashes AB21
Woodhead AB53
Woodlands of Durris AB31
Ythanbank AB41
Ythanwells AB54