Lotte Mall Westlake Hanoi Overview

Lotte Mall Westlake Hanoi Overview

LOTTE MALL West Lake Hanoi has a novel design with transparent glass ceilings creating an airy space, filled with natural light, bringing a luxurious and modern feeling not inferior to commercial centers in Singapore or Thailand Lan. In particular, living on the roof of the shopping center is the 4,500m Sky Garden, which opens up to a panoramic view of the magnificent western area of the capital.

LOTTE MALL West Lake Hanoi has 7 floors, including 5 floors and 2 basements.

  • The first-floor area gathers international brands and high-class cosmetics
  • The second floor focuses on fashion brands for young people
  • 3rd floor includes family and children’s stores combined with a food court
  • The 4th and 5th floors are cultural and entertainment spaces.
  • The supermarket and aquarium area is located in basements B1 and B2.
Lotte Mall Westlake

Here gather 233 popular brands, including Uniqlo, Boss, Coach, MLB, Tag Heuer, Nespresso, etc. Besides, there are 25 brands appearing for the first time in Vietnam, 28 brands appearing for the first time in Hanoi like;

  • Lush
  • Onitsuka Tiger
  • Footlocker, etc.

LOTTE MALL West Lake Hanoi also brings exciting educational and entertainment experiences for children for the first time such as Champion 1250 adventure sports area, and career orientation area KidZania.

The complex also gathers all the famous brands of LOTTE group such as LOTTE World Aquarium Hanoi – the largest indoor aquarium in Hanoi; LOTTE Mart hypermarket with Bottle Bunker – LOTTE group’s specialty liquor store was first introduced outside of Korea; LOTTE Cinema takes the lead in modern equipment with the appearance of a high-class screening room with the most classy lounge ever. Besides, there is a 5-star hotel L7 Hotels and a 23-storey serviced apartment complex with 264 rooms and 192 apartments, respectively, with views of West Lake and Red River. The office building consists of 21 floors, achieving Grade A quality according to international standards with modern facilities, high-class utilities and panoramic views of West Lake.

Lotte World Aquarium Westlake Hanoi

Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi officially opened on August 1, 2023, it brings a colorful ocean world with a series of interesting experiences.

It is considered an attractive new destination for the people of the capital and domestic and foreign tourists.
Overview of the world aquarium
Aquarium World is Lotte World’s first project in Vietnam that combines the beauty of Vietnamese culture and nature with the world’s modern technology.


Project location

Its location is located at Vo Chi Cong and Lac Long Quan streets (specifically at: No. 272 Vo Chi Cong Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City, Vietnam), promising to become an entertainment and entertainment destination. Ideal for Capital residents and visitors.

With an area of more than 9,000m2, Lotte World Hanoi Aquarium has 67 display tanks, containing about 3,400 tons of water, is the largest indoor aquarium in the capital. It synthesizes 400 species and 31,000 sea creatures worldwide, simulating the sea world in the closest way.

Explore the 650-meter-long aquarium trail that passes through different zones with unique themes such as “Peaceful Countryside,” “Walking in the Sea,” “Exploring the Blue Sea,” and “Great Square.” positive.” Visitors have the opportunity to admire Humboldt penguins, sand tiger sharks, sea lions, baby clawed otters and many other marine species.

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Lotte World Hanoi Aquarium

Unique design

Lotte World Hanoi Aquarium owns the largest curved acrylic tank in Southeast Asia (curved acrylic tank 18×5.8 m). The space is inspired by the magic of the deep blue ocean and the typical culture of Vietnam.
The design is bold in Vietnamese folklore, based on the mythical story of Ca Ong – the god who protects the fishermen in every trip to sea. Ca Ong is a symbol leading the journey of cruising the sea, helping visitors understand more about the traditional values of Vietnam’s seas.

Entrance ticket price

Compare the prices of aquarium tickets in Hanoi, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc

Before Lotte World Aquarium, in Vietnam, a few famous aquariums are mentioned including Times City Aquarium (Hanoi), Nha Trang Aquarium, Phu Quoc Aquarium.

Currently, the ticket prices of the above aquariums are as follows: Times City Aquarium (Hanoi), weekdays adults 170,000 VND/ticket, children 130,000 VND/ticket; Weekend adults 220,000 VND/ticket, children 170,000 VND/ticket. Vinpearl Nha Trang Aquarium located in the VinWonders Nha Trang complex has the price on weekdays equal to the weekend price of 800,000 VND/adult, 600,000 VND/child.

Phu Quoc Aquarium located in the VinWonders Phu Quoc complex has the price on weekdays equal to weekends for adults 950,000 VND/ticket, children 710,000 VND/ticket. With the above price at Nha Trang and Phu Quoc aquariums, visitors will experience more other amusement parks in the same complex such as water parks, adventure games, water music….

Lotte World Hanoi Aquarium

Realistic habitat for marine life

Lotte World Hanoi Aquarium aims at the vision of “people and nature sharing the dream of the sea”, creating a true living environment for marine species. It brings new knowledge about the ocean, arouses love for nature and protects the environment through attractive tours.

Explore the ocean world

At the “Whirlwind” area, visitors can watch sea creatures swim with a 360-degree panoramic view from the ceiling above, creating the feeling of walking under the sea. The “Coral Garden” and “Shipwreck” area offer a diverse and beautiful space like the bottom of the sea.

Interact and learn

Visitors, especially children, not only participate in the diverse ocean world with hundreds of marine species, but also have the opportunity to interact and learn through activities such as: touching pool, feeding fish. koi feeding, health checks for otters, penguins and sea lions, and even fish feeding demonstrations.

Lotte World Hanoi Aquarium

Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi Contact;

  • Add: 272 Vo Chi Cong, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Tel: 024 3333 8000
  • Email: [email protected]