Latest Laos Postal Codes (zip codes) and best post mail service

Quick View About Laos

Laos, officially known as the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by Myanmar, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. With a population of over 7 million people, Laos is a diverse country with a rich cultural heritage. In this article, we will take a quick look at the postal codes and post mail services in Laos.


Overview of Laos Postal Codes

Postal codes, also known as zip codes, are a series of numbers or letters used to identify a specific geographical location for the purpose of sorting and delivering mail. In Laos, postal codes were introduced in 2013 and are made up of five digits. The first two digits represent the province, while the last three digits represent the district or city within that province.

Currently, there are 17 provinces and one special administrative zone in Laos, each with its own unique postal code. The latest postal code for Laos was introduced in 2019 for the newly created province of Xaysomboun.

Lao's Flag







Postal Codes

01000,... 0400005000, 06000

Calling code


ISO 3166 code


Official language

Lao, Khmu, Hmong, Phu Thai, Tai, English, French


236,800 km2



Population Density



$74.205 billion




Understanding Laos Zip Codes

Zip codes, also known as postal codes or postcodes, are a series of numbers or letters used by postal services to sort and deliver mail to specific areas. In Laos, zip codes consist of five digits, with the first two digits representing the province, and the last three digits indicating the district or town within that province. The zip code system was first introduced in Laos in 2001 and has been continuously updated to accommodate the country’s growth and development.

Importance of Zip Codes in Laos Post Mail

Zip codes play a vital role in Laos’ postal system by ensuring efficient delivery of mail and packages. With the increasing volume of mail and packages being sent within the country, having a system of zip codes helps postal workers to quickly sort and deliver items to their intended destinations. This not only saves time but also reduces the chances of mail getting lost or delivered to the wrong address.

How to Use Laos Zip Codes

Using zip codes in Laos is quite simple. When addressing a letter or package, the sender should include the recipient’s name, street address, province, and zip code. For example:

John Smith 123 Main Street Vientiane Capital 01000

The zip code should be written at the end of the address, after the province name. It is important to note that some provinces in Laos do not have zip codes, and in such cases, the sender can leave that part of the address blank.

How do I address a letter or parcel in Laos?

The address format in Laos is similar to most countries, with the recipient’s name and address written on the front of the envelope or parcel. The postal code should be included after the province name.

What is Laos address format?

Home Delivery:

Mr. Khamsing Sengdeth
14, rue That louang


Latest Laos Zip Codes

As mentioned earlier, Laos’ zip code system is constantly updated to keep up with the country’s development. Here are the latest zip codes for each province in Laos:

Province District Postcode
Vientiane Chanthabuly 1000
Vientiane Sikhottabong 1010
Vientiane Sisattanak 1030
Vientiane Sangthong 1080
Vientiane Mayparkngum 1090
Vientiane Hadxaifong 1120
Vientiane Naxaithong 1140
Vientiane Xaysetha 1160
Vientiane Xaythany 1170
Phongsali Boon Neua 2000
Phongsali Boontai 2000
Phongsali Khua 2000
Phongsali May 2000
Phongsali Nhot Ou 2000
Phongsali Phongsaly 2000
Phongsali Samphanh 2000
Louang Namtha Long 3000
Louang Namtha Nalae 3000
Louang Namtha Namtha 3000
Louang Namtha Sing 3000
Louang Namtha Viengphoukha 3000
Oudomxai Beng 4000
Oudomxai Hoon 4000
Oudomxai La 4000
Oudomxai Namor 4000
Oudomxai Nga 4000
Oudomxai Pakbeng 4000
Oudomxai Xay 4000
Bokeo Huoixai 5000
Bokeo Meung 5000
Bokeo Paktha 5000
Bokeo Pha Oudom 5000
Bokeo Tonpheung 5000
Louangphrabang Chomphet 6000
Louangphrabang Luangprabang 6000
Louangphrabang Nambak 6000
Louangphrabang Nan 6000
Louangphrabang Ngoi 6000
Louangphrabang Pak Xeng 6000
Louangphrabang Park Ou 6000
Louangphrabang Phonxay 6000
Louangphrabang Phothong 6000
Louangphrabang Phoukhoune 6000
Louangphrabang Viengkham 6000
Louangphrabang Xieng Ngeun 6000
Houaphan Huameuang 7000
Houaphan Kuan 7000
Houaphan Muang Et 7000
Houaphan Sop Bao 7000
Houaphan Viengthong 7000
Houaphan Viengxay 7000
Houaphan Xamneua 7000
Houaphan Xamtay 7000
Houaphan Xiengkhor 7000
Houaphan Xon 7000
Xaignabouli Botene 8000
Xaignabouli Hongsa 8000
Xaignabouli Kenethao 8000
Xaignabouli Khop 8000
Xaignabouli Ngeun 8000
Xaignabouli Parklai 8000
Xaignabouli Phiang 8000
Xaignabouli Thongmyxay 8000
Xaignabouli Xayabury 8000
Xaignabouli Xaysathan 8000
Xaignabouli Xienghone 8000
Xiangkhoang Kham 9000
Xiangkhoang Khoune 9000
Xiangkhoang Morkmay 9000
Xiangkhoang Nonghed 9000
Xiangkhoang Pek 9000
Xiangkhoang Phaxay 9000
Xiangkhoang Phookood 9000
Vientiane Province Feuang 10000
Vientiane Province Hinhurp 10000
Vientiane Province Kasy 10000
Vientiane Province Keo Oudom 10000
Vientiane Province Mad 10000
Vientiane Province Meun 10000
Vientiane Province Phonhong 10000
Vientiane Province Thoulakhom 10000
Vientiane Province Vangvieng 10000
Vientiane Province Viengkham 10000
Vientiane Province Xanakharm 10000
Bolikhamxai Bolikhanh 11000
Bolikhamxai Khamkeuth 11000
Bolikhamxai Pakkading 11000
Bolikhamxai Pakxane 11000
Bolikhamxai Thaphabath 11000
Bolikhamxai Viengthong 11000
Bolikhamxai Xaychomphone 11000
Khammouan Bualapha 12000
Khammouan Hinboon 12000
Khammouan Kounkham 12000
Khammouan Mahaxay 12000
Khammouan Nakai 12000
Khammouan Nhommalath 12000
Khammouan Nongbok 12000
Khammouan Thakhek 12000
Khammouan Xaybuathong 12000
Khammouan Xebangfay 12000
Savannakhet Atsaphangthong 13000
Savannakhet Atsaphone 13000
Savannakhet Champhone 13000
Savannakhet Khanthabouly 13000
Savannakhet Nong 13000
Savannakhet Outhoomphone 13000
Savannakhet Phine 13000
Savannakhet Sepone 13000
Savannakhet Songkhone 13000
Savannakhet Thapangthong 13000
Savannakhet Thaphalanxay 13000
Savannakhet Vilabuly 13000
Savannakhet Xaybuly 13000
Savannakhet Xayphoothong 13000
Savannakhet Xonbuly 13000
Salavan Khongxedone 14000
Salavan Lakhonepheng 14000
Salavan Lao Ngarm 14000
Salavan Samuoi 14000
Salavan Saravane 14000
Salavan Ta Oi 14000
Salavan Toomlarn 14000
Salavan Vapy 14000
Xekong Dakcheung 15000
Xekong Kaleum 15000
Xekong Lamarm 15000
Xekong Thateng 15000
Champasak Bachiangchaleunsook 16000
Champasak Champasack 16000
Champasak Khong 16000
Champasak Moonlapamok 16000
Champasak Paksé 16000
Champasak Paksong 16000
Champasak Pathoomphone 16000
Champasak Phonthong 16000
Champasak Sanasomboon 16000
Champasak Sukhuma 16000
Attapeu Phouvong 17000
Attapeu Samakkhixay 17000
Attapeu Sanamxay 17000
Attapeu Sanxay 17000
Attapeu Xaysetha 17000

Post Mail Services in Laos

The postal service in Laos is operated by Lao Post, a state-owned enterprise under the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Lao Post provides a range of postal services, including domestic and international mail delivery, express mail service, and parcel delivery. They also offer financial services such as money transfers and bill payments.

Domestic Mail Delivery

Domestic mail delivery in Laos is relatively efficient, with most letters and parcels being delivered within 2-3 days. However, delivery times may vary depending on the remoteness of the destination. Lao Post has a network of over 1,000 post offices and 1,500 postal agents throughout the country, making it accessible to even the most remote areas.

To send a letter or parcel within Laos, you can visit any post office or postal agent and purchase stamps or pre-paid envelopes. The cost of domestic postage varies depending on the weight and size of the item.

International Mail Delivery

Lao Post also offers international mail delivery services to over 200 countries worldwide. They have partnerships with major international postal operators, such as DHL and FedEx, to ensure efficient and timely delivery of mail and parcels.

To send international mail from Laos, you can visit any post office and fill out a customs declaration form. The cost of postage will depend on the destination country and the weight and size of the item.

Express Mail Service (EMS)

For urgent or time-sensitive deliveries, Lao Post offers an express mail service (EMS). This service guarantees delivery within 24-48 hours to most major cities around the world. EMS is available for both domestic and international mail and comes with tracking and insurance options for added security.

To use EMS, you can visit any post office and fill out the necessary forms. The cost of this service will depend on the weight and destination of the item.

What is the average delivery time for domestic mail in Laos?

Can I track my mail or parcel sent through Lao Post?

Are there any restrictions on items that can be sent through Lao Post?

Yes, there are certain restrictions on items that can be sent through Lao Post. Prohibited items include explosives, weapons, drugs, and hazardous materials. It is always best to check with Lao Post before sending any items to ensure they are allowed.

Can I send money through Lao Post?