What is an Indonesian Zip Code? Best Indonesian Post Services

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In a country as diverse and vast as Indonesia, efficient mail delivery is of paramount importance. To achieve this, the nation utilizes a system of zip codes, also known as “kode pos” in Indonesian. In this article, we will explore what Indonesian zip codes are, how they are used, their significance, the structure of Indonesian addresses, and the best postal services available in the country. So, let’s dive in and unravel the intricacies of Indonesian zip codes!

What is an Indonesian Zip Code?

An Indonesian zip code, or “kode pos,” is a numerical code assigned to specific areas within the country for the purpose of efficient mail sorting and delivery. It serves as a vital component of addressing systems and helps streamline the process of sending and receiving mail across the archipelago.

The Indonesian postal codes consist of five digits and are based on a hierarchical structure. The first two digits represent the province, followed by two digits representing the regency or city, and the final digit indicates the district (kecamatan) or sub-district (kelurahan). This systematic arrangement ensures the accurate routing of mail to the intended recipients.

How to Use Zip Codes in Indonesia?

Using zip codes in Indonesia is relatively straightforward. When addressing an envelope or package, it is crucial to include the correct postal code alongside the recipient’s name, street address, city, and province. This detailed information facilitates smooth processing and timely delivery of mail items.

To find the appropriate zip code for a particular location in Indonesia, various resources are available. The official website of Pos Indonesia, the national postal service provider, offers an online zip code lookup tool. By inputting the complete address or specific keywords related to the desired location, users can quickly obtain the corresponding zip code.

Alternatively, one can consult printed directories or inquire at local post offices for assistance in determining the applicable postal code. It is essential to ensure accuracy when using zip codes to avoid misdelivery or delays in receiving mail.


Why are Indonesian Zip Codes Important?

Indonesian zip codes play a crucial role in facilitating efficient and reliable mail delivery across the country. Here are several reasons highlighting their importance:

  • Enhanced Sorting and Routing: By incorporating zip codes into the addressing system, mail items undergo streamlined sorting processes. Postal workers can quickly identify the destination area and efficiently route the mail to the correct post office for subsequent distribution.
  • Accelerated Delivery Speed: Accurate zip codes contribute to expediting the delivery process. With appropriately labeled envelopes or packages, postal workers can swiftly categorize and allocate resources for prompt dispatch, ultimately reducing transit times.
  • Reduced Errors and Misdelivery: Including the correct zip code significantly decreases the likelihood of errors during mail handling. It minimizes the chances of misdelivery and ensures that mail reaches its intended recipients without unnecessary detours or complications.
  • Efficient Data Management: Postal authorities utilize zip codes to maintain comprehensive databases that aid in monitoring mail volumes, analyzing trends, and improving service efficiency. These data-driven insights assist in optimizing logistics networks and enhancing overall postal operations.

In summary, Indonesian zip codes streamline mail processing, expedite delivery, minimize errors, and enable effective data management, making them indispensable for an efficient postal system.

Here’s this is a complete of postal codes of Indonesia. However, if you have difficulty finding the postal code for your region, or county, use the shortcut Ctrl + F (or tap on the search function on the footer of the web) and enter your region to find the postal code for that place.


Indonesia Postal Codes by County

Zip Code Range


List of All Postal Codes in Aceh

23111 - 24791


List of All Postal Codes in Bali

80111 - 82262


List of All Postal Codes in Bangka-Belitung Islands

33111 - 33791


List of All Postal Codes in Banten

10255 - 42616


List of All Postal Codes in Bengkulu

38111 - 39374


List of All Postal Codes in Central Java

40283 - 83774


List of All Postal Codes in Central Kalimantan

60188 - 74874


List of All Postal Codes in Central Sulawesi

94111 - 94976


List of All Postal Codes in East Java

60111 - 69493


List of All Postal Codes in East Kalimantan

75111 - 77381


List of All Postal Codes in East Nusa Tenggara

85111 - 87284


List of All Postal Codes in Gorontalo

96111 - 96814


List of All Postal Codes in Jakarta Special Capital Region

10110 - 14540


List of All Postal Codes in Jambi

27257 - 37573


List of All Postal Codes in Lampung

34111 - 35686


List of All Postal Codes in Maluku

97123 - 97668


List of All Postal Codes in North Kalimantan

77111 - 77573


List of All Postal Codes in North Maluku

97712 - 97863


List of All Postal Codes in North Sulawesi

95111 - 95999


List of All Postal Codes in North Sumatra

12345 - 22998


List of All Postal Codes in Papua

98111 - 99974


List of All Postal Codes in Riau

28111 - 29566


List of All Postal Codes in Riau Islands

29111 - 29875


List of All Postal Codes in South Kalimantan

70112 - 72275


List of All Postal Codes in South Sulawesi

90111 - 92985


List of All Postal Codes in South Sumatra

30111 - 38888


List of All Postal Codes in Southeast Sulawesi

93111 - 93958


List of All Postal Codes in Special Region of Yogyakarta

55121 - 55893


List of All Postal Codes in West Java

16110 - 46475


List of All Postal Codes in West Kalimantan

78111 - 79682


List of All Postal Codes in West Nusa Tenggara

83112 - 94315


List of All Postal Codes in West Papua

98171 - 98662


List of All Postal Codes in West Sulawesi

91311 - 96365


List of All Postal Codes in West Sumatra

23124 - 28453

What is an Address in Indonesia?

Understanding the structure of addresses in Indonesia is fundamental for accurate correspondence. Indonesian addresses typically consist of several components:

  • Recipient’s Name: The full name of the recipient should be written clearly on the mail item to ensure proper identification.
  • Street Address: The street address provides specific details about the location, including the house or building number, street name, and any additional relevant information such as neighborhood or landmark references.
  • City/Town Name: The name of the city or town where the recipient resides must be indicated accurately.
  • Province: Indonesian provinces vary in size and administrative divisions. It is essential to specify the correct province to facilitate efficient sorting and delivery of mail.
  • Postal Code: As previously mentioned, the five-digit postal code represents the smallest geographical unit within the addressing system in Indonesia.

By adhering to these elements and ensuring accuracy, senders can help guarantee the successful delivery of mail to its intended destination.

indonesia post mail services

Best Indonesian Post Services

Indonesia boasts a range of reliable postal service providers that offer efficient mail handling and delivery services across the archipelago. Here are some of the best options available:

Pos Indonesia:

As the nation’s official postal service provider, Pos Indonesia offers a wide range of postal services to meet various needs. They provide domestic and international mail delivery, express courier services, registered mail, and value-added services such as insurance and tracking. With an extensive network of post offices and reliable infrastructure, Pos Indonesia is a trusted choice for sending mail within Indonesia.

JNE (Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir):

JNE is a prominent courier company in Indonesia known for its fast and efficient delivery services. They offer domestic and international shipping options, including regular and express delivery. JNE prioritizes customer satisfaction and employs advanced technology to track packages and ensure timely arrivals.


Tiki is another reputable postal service provider in Indonesia. They provide reliable domestic and international shipping solutions, including express delivery and freight services. Tiki has a strong presence across the country and offers convenient pickup and drop-off options through their extensive network of service points.

SiCepat Express:

SiCepat Express is a growing logistics company in Indonesia that specializes in last-mile delivery. They focus on e-commerce logistics and provide efficient and affordable shipping services. SiCepat Express utilizes technology-driven solutions to optimize delivery routes and enhance customer experience.

Wahana Prestasi Logistik:

Wahana Prestasi Logistik is a trustworthy logistics company offering comprehensive delivery solutions. They cater to both business and individual customers, providing domestic and international shipping services. Wahana Prestasi Logistik is committed to reliability, speed, and excellent customer service.

When choosing a postal specialist organization in Indonesia, it’s fundamental to consider factors, for example, conveyance speed, inclusion region, estimating, following capacities, and extra administrations advertised. Assessing client audits and contrasting the qualities of various suppliers can assist with settling on an educated choice in view of explicit necessities.

Indonesian postal divisions act as indispensable apparatuses for productive mail arranging and conveyance all through the different country. Understanding how to utilize postal divisions accurately, alongside precise tending to rehearses, guarantees smooth mail handling and convenient conveyances. Furthermore, dependable postal specialist co-ops like Pos Indonesia, JNE, Tiki, SiCepat Express, and Wahana Prestasi Logistik add to a consistent postal involvement with Indonesia.
By consolidating postal districts, sticking to appropriate tending to shows, and picking legitimate postal administrations, people and organizations can explore the Indonesian postal framework successfully and partake in the advantages of solid mail conveyance.